July 6, 2007 - The Trip West

Grand Teton National Park

This morning we visited all the Visitor Centers in order to get our Passport book stamped - this a bit of insanity
we got involved in because of Gary & Heidi. We took the bike and got a few good pics. But the most exciting
event was the bison encounter (no pics, sorry) where we were in a standoff at 30 feet (we on motorcycle) with
several LARGE bison (on the road) who clearly did NOT like Harley-Davidson products. Fortunately
they decided we weren't worth their time. Later a ranger suggested that if they look like they will
charge, I should throw my helmet at them! The bison will apparently be happy with trampling
and smashing said helmet instead of Carol or me!

Bison frighteners atop Signal Mountain.

Teton view from Signal Mountain

Sorry, had to include another panorama - this is about 160 degrees around the Eastern
horizon from atop Signal Mountain - looking at Jackson Hole - not the town, but the topographical feature of that name.

Moon over Grand Teton Mountain

Wild Blue Flox

Sagebrush - smells like sage and lavender

Went on a dinner cruise with our friends, Gary & Heidi.

After the cruise Mother Nature treated us to a double rainbow!

And we finished the day with this!