July 14, 2007 - The Trip West

Yellowstone National Park

Arrived Fishing Bridge RV Park - not impressed - very cramped, no TV, no WIFI, no cell service!
(Whaddya mean it's supposed to be camping??!!)
We ran right out and explored some...

Carol getting steamed! (Castle Geyser)

Fan and Mortar geysers - this rare eruption had the rangers running around
and calling each other to come see it - we were lucky to be there.

Ghost trees - they are coated in mineral deposits from nearby geysers.

Morning Glory pool - most pools have a temperature between 170 degrees F and
201 degrees F - 201 degrees F is the boiling point of water at this altitude.

Old Faithful...still going strong!

Sawmill geyser - an unpredictable erupter.

Shield pool.

Old Faithful Lodge.

Fireplace in Old Faithful Lodge lobby.

Enchanting architecture in the Old Faithful Lodge lobby.

We received this great sunset at end of day.