July 24, 2007 - The Trip West

Yellowstone National Park

Today we went where few have gone before - the Southwest corner of Yellowstone can only be
reached from Idaho...so that's where we went!

This is where we started - the ranger here was very helpful - gave us lots of info about 3 bear sightings
the previous day - Carol loves the idea of meeting a bear in the woods <grin>.

Upper falls at Cave Falls - there is a cave on the left, hence the name.

This marmot put on a show for us near the brink of Cave Falls.

One of many lovely scenes on the 2 rivers where we hiked.

Scroll right to see the confluence of the Falls River, on the right, and the Bechler River, on the left.

We were the only ones on this path for most of the time - Carol sang Neil Diamond
oldies to warn the bears of our approach.

However, on the way back, we encountered a mixed group of adults and teenagers
numbering about 10. As the last young man (I'm guessing AGE14) went by, we
saw he was carrying a hard-back copy of the latest Harry Potter book, He had
his finger stuck in the book as a place holder - I assume he was using every
little pause in the hike to get some reading in. He definitely had his priorities established!

Bechler Falls - the turnaround point for our hike.