July 27, 2007 - The Trip West

Yellowstone National Park

Our 4 mile hike today had the objective of reaching Fairy Falls. Thunderstorms
threatened so we turned back (had we continued it would have been
almost 7 miles), but still got close enough to get a picture of the falls.

After the 1988 fire almost 30% of Yellowstone looked like this.

Even the small places are beautiful!

We were fortunate to pass close to these 2 bull elk grazing near a pond.

Elk on the left.

Elk on the right. We often saw small herds of elk but they were almost all females and calves.
The bulls are either solitary or are paired with another. This is a bit odd since
the competition between bulls is quite fierce in the late Summer and
Fall. I guess the opening bell just hasn't rung yet!

We passed this little bubbling geyser out in the middle of nowhere - no sign, no identification.

Fairy Falls - the falls is that thin line coming right down over the cave.