July 29, 2007 - The Trip West

Yellowstone National Park

While Carol biked the Fountain Flats Trail (about 9 miles), I took a stroll along the Nez Perce Creek. I
shot photos of whatever caught my fancy, so of these may be a bit different.

Carol sets off into the wilds of Yellowstone - highlights of her trip were geysers, bald eagles, and no bears!

Nez Perce Creek - I think this is one of the prettiest in Yellowstone.

Nez Perce Creek texture.

Nez Perce Creek texture.

Nez Perce Creek Sounds.
(the download is sorta large, but worth it I think)

Heidi says it's a Western Tanager...thanks Heidi!

Garter snake.

Fringed Gentians

Blue dragonfly.

Confluence of Nez Perce Creek (right) and the Firehole River (left).

Firehole River.

Firehole feathers.

Pink rock and flowers.

Flowers and a rock.

Rock with yellow lichen.

Yup! Bison Pie!

Since we desided to leave Yellowstone a day early, this is "Farewell, Yellowstone"!
We liked it a lot : )

Had a great moon too !